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Welcome to Possibilities! Welcome to Creativity and Innovation! Welcome to Infostrategy Technology, your one-stop point for all your IT needs. With the trend in technological development and the speed at which businesses are becoming IT compliant, Organizations are looking for more effective ways to deliver value to their clients. Do not go any further! You have just met a new breed of result-oriented Information communication technology consultants, who are good at what they do, we put our clients first, in the true sense of the Word. We operate with a burning passion to transform the technology terrain of Nigeria and Africa by delivering value to our clients through innovation; leveraging on cutting edge Information Technologies. Our primary focus is to provide solutions and services to all sized organizations across all sectors of the economy;  Individuals, SMEs, Government, and Non-Government organizations.

Web + Mobile
Over the decades, we have been known for the development of web‐based software applications that can be accessed via any web b...
Technology Consulting
Our information technology consulting team provides the top gears that help clients in deploying solutions and infrastructures tha...
Software Solutions
We pride in the design and development of software and enterprise solutions that meets the specific needs of an organization and a...
Business Automation
We understand the need of our clients to embrace automation of their business processes in order to improve overall efficiency and...

Technology solutions


iRecharge is a distributed vending platform for Frequently consumed services such as Airtime, Internet Data, Pre-Paid Electricity, Cable TV, Sports Be... read more

Fast Track

FastTrack is an e-commerce platform that automates transactions for brick and mortar businesses that are looking to expand their customer base to incl... read more

E Rules

The E‐Rules is a one‐stop shop for quick access to legislative materials electronically via mobile devices. The system serves as a one‐stop sho... read more


UniPlus is a mobile app developed to enable interaction within the University community. It is designed with some unique features to automate campus ... read more

Secure Desk

Secure Desk is an access controlling and monitoring system designed for Large offices and public buildings. It collects and stores records of every pe... read more


IPOS is a custom retail management solution designed to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) where different businesses can subscribe to it and it is cus... read more

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Project planning

At Infostrategy, every project starts with a plan. The project plan takes the individual defined tasks and assigns them to individuals (task owners), project phases, and milestones (which are used to define when major portions of a project are completed).

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Awesome Ideas

Our expertise in e-business solution enables corporate bodies to explore their current business processes and define how technology can revolutionize their business and deliver expected results.

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Customers Satisfaction

We place our customers needs first. Our unique ability and strategy to address the needs of our clients and proffer cost-effective solutions that would guarantee a healthy return on investment has given us competitive edge in the Information Technology industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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Industry Experience and Our Teams

With over 16 years of experience in a wide spectrum of technologies especially in the development of enterprise applications (desktop, web, and mobile) for different industries and businesses of various sizes. Our teams consist of selected young and creative minds with a blend of expertise in trending technologies and our market niche.

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Skilled Experts and Professionals

Our teams consist of experts and professionals with vast experience and different skill sets across our line of business. In addition to the various team members vast experience and knowledge, IST is a place for continuous learning and career growth. Our teams at all times demonstrate an exceptional level of professionalism and excellence in discharging their assigned responsibilities.

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Our Solution and Service Offerings

We work with our clients from business analysis through design and development of your custom software applications, deployment and post-deployment support among other range of IT consultancy services we provide. We are committed to service excellence through a combination of experience, training, proven best practices and compliance with industry standards.

Satisfied Clients




Working with Infostrategy Technology was delightful. The team delivered the EDRMS project timely, within our budget and stayed in touch during every step of the project to ensure we were satisfied with the end results



After meeting and discussing with the Infostrategy Tech Team with regards to what we wanted and what we were trying to achieve, it didn’t take long before we had a functioning prototype of an e-commerce website. A little while later we were live. They’re very much dedicated to the success of their customers and I would undoubtedly recommend them to anyone in need of mobile and web based software solutions




One of the many benefits of the IPOS Solution deployed across our organization by the Infostrategy Technology team has been the fact that it has been extremely beneficial in helping us automate our stock inventory processes across all our pharmacies and warehouses. They’ve been extremely helpful and have been really reliable business consultants throughout




We were sceptical at first when the Infostrategy Technology team proposed a Hotel Booking Portal for our establishment, but this didn’t deter them from answering all our concerns and creating a solution that has literally automated our previous processes for making reservations and bookings. Needless to say, our customers have been very appreciative of these new improvements…”

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