Custom Retail Management Solution

IPOS is a custom retail management solution designed to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) where different businesses can subscribe to it and it is customized to suit their specific business requirements. iPOS consists of the following core modules;
• Inventory Management
• Point of Sale
• Customer Management
• Retail Accounting
• Partners Management
• Pill Reminder for Pharmacy Inventory Management
IPOS inventory management module provides many intuitive ways for managing, tracking and correcting your stocks. With this, you can regularly track and correct your physical stock to match with database. The inventory management module of iPOS also takes care of product batches and their attributes such as serial number, manufacturing dates, expiry dates in your stock. iPOS not only keeps accurate track of your inventory but also maintains the physical location of your products in your stores / warehouse, so that, it is very convenient for you to physically locate the products quickly.
Stock auditing and monitoring:
iPOS generates audit trails of any stock changes in the system Keeps track of mismatch between physical stock and database
Supports stock validation Multiple warehouses:
Ability to specify physical product location in cases with multiple warehouses. You can also create stock requisitions from one ware house to another and based on this stock requests the central ware house can initiates stock transfer.