UniPlus is a mobile solution that automates campus activities in view of improving learning and campus experiences. The app serves as an interactive platform between the campus administration, its students, wards/parents, lecturers and visitors.

UniPlus is undergoing a complete overhaul, and as a result some of the old features will be phased out and newer more dynamic features added. The new UniPlus will also be unified and all students will download the same version of the application.

For more updates watch this space / visit www.uniplus.com.ng/ follow us on twitter @UniPlusng

Some of the standard features of UniPlus

1) News - a feature that constantly keeps users informed about all campus, sports, entertainment, national and international news.

2) Events - a platform where users can view all upcoming campus events and even add them to their calendars.

3) Directory –a database of all relevant campus contacts, giving students an on demand access to important contacts as and when needed

4) Building Services – Provides a collaborative platform for students to report damaged facilities. It serves as an efficient and effective way to track and maintain the school facilities thereby imbibing maintenance culture in students.

5) Library – allows students view information about their library, list of library resource and interact with the librarian.

6) Alerts - an efficient and cost effective means for information dissemination on campus.

7) UniGist: a platform that provides users with all the hottest gist on campus.

8) UniChat: is the closed group secured social; networking platform where students can chat with each other students from the same school.

9) Campus Tour: a feature that provides a pictorial tour of the campus by providing the addresses, descriptions and other important information on various campus locations; an inexpensive way for students/users to  familiarize themselves with the campus environment.

10) Students Services - a platform that allows students view their timetables, results, course updates and other student related services.

11)  My Uni: this platform serves the purpose of providing background information about the school. It contains the information “About” the school, its “vision” and “mission”.

12) UniPlus Extra: a platform where students can participate in contests to win prizes, it also allows campus associations to manage their members and interact with them.



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