The Internal Communication ICOMMS solution is a one of a kind framework that aims to assist and enhance the way information is transferred and stored within a group or an organisation.

It provides a number of features that are designed to streamline the way you share information in your daily business operations.

It provides administrative interfaces for configuration purposes and also normal user interfaces for the front end users to communicate as effectively as possible.

User view

Front end features include Instant Chat, Internal Messaging Module, Open End Communication.

Administrative features include Organogram manager, Record Manager, Communication Workflow Tool, and Communication Type Manager.

ICOMMS installation includes optional modules such as the email/sms notification. This tool is can be configured to alert users immediately (via mail or text) when there is any information/communication that requires their interaction within the system.

The ICOMMS solution is a secure platform which requires authentication before users can interact. Certain communication types may also require a double layer of security; this can be achieved with ICOMMS workflow configuration module.

Mobile Access

ICOMMS can be accessed from anywhere you are, all you need is an Internet enabled device. It has a responsive design to ensure you are able to keep communicating in a straight forward and user friendly manner regardless of the type of device you are using.

Bottom line is, this solution essentially streamlines how you communicate while providing a flexible means of archive and documentation.

If you would like to know the full extent of ICOMMS capacity or how this can help within your organisation please contact us. You can also request a demonstration, we’d be happy to help.

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