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Infostrategy Technology Nigeria is an Information, Communication and Software Technology firm incorporated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2002 and reconstituted in 2003, we operate with a burning passion to transform the technological terrain of Africa by delivering value to clients through innovative and effective leverage of cutting-edge technology solutions.

We combine sound knowledge of world class technology to design, implement and support business transformation in areas of web and mobile application, software, service and storage systems installation, networking technologies and technology procurement. We have an in-depth understanding on how technology accelerates success, and are passionate about attracting and supporting unique talents in growing our business and driving operational excellence.



To be the preferred ICT company while harnessing the power of technology and creating long term mutually beneficial relationships through superior Customer care, fast and reliable services.


  1. To consistently deliver fast and reliable services to our customers through experienced and motivated people aided by progressive technology.
  2.  To provide the best solutions that exceeds the client’s expectations and meets their increasing technological challenges and business demands
  3. To generate exceptional returns to stakeholders.

Our Values

•    Commitment to Excellence
•    Professionalism
•    Responsibility
•    Resilience
•    Superior Customer care
•    Team Work 

Our slogan

Our slogan - NO GUESSWORK is a message both to us and our clients. To us it means that we must exhibit unparalleled excellence in whatever we do. Deploying solutions that other IT companies can only dream of.
We believe in professional excellence, hard work, honesty and integrity.

Our People

We parade a unique blend of result driven young blood with a passion for unparalleled excellence. They provide technical expertise, creative savvy and business acumen which has propelled us as the industry leader enabling us to set standards for technology and design. Together, we'll work with you throughout the project phases, from conceptualization, design and implementation to deployment and maintenance.


An agile group of expert designers, managers, marketers, and developers with a shared commitment to communication, collaboration, and doing good work. Meet The iTeam .

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