Question Bank

Do you want to communicate, view and print exams/tests such as Interview questions, Job tests etc. via the internet? Our Question Bank solution is an excellent value, enabling easy assessment & interaction for academic purposes thereby improving understanding and enhancing the student learning process.

It can help overcome problem faced by institutions and students likewise in conducting daily, weekly and monthly test in the traditional paper based method. This system is developed with an understanding the needs of the customer who do not want to spend time in managing and checking of papers.

The student interface has a secure profile whereby students can access exam records and scores, available subjects, topic based exams and full exams. Exams can be time restricted if required.

The administrative section provides tools to manage questions, subjects/topics, students/users, test results and other components of the question bank. The question management interface allows admin to specify questions, multiple option answers, diagrams and tables where applicable, explanations and also text book references. This information can be customized to suit your needs.

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