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More and more of our interaction online occurs on mobile devices.  Over five billion mobile subscribers – about 77% of the world’s population – are online (Source: The International Telecommunication Union).

So how do you capitalize on this new mobile technology? The answer is relatively simple: set up a mobile application and/or set up your website to be natively friendly to mobile browsing.

The News App; a mobile application that will enable users of modern smart phone have access to daily news from the configured News outlet or Network. It will cater for the known news categories (e.g. National, Politics, Business and so on) including up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and video watching facilities. It also provides information regarding available TV programs; this is applicable to TV stations.

It has a simple user friendly interface that enables users to navigate through various news sections and be able to jump from one article to another with minimal interaction.


Features of the NewsApp

  • Quick Customization - Get the app connected to your news source and serve content to your readers on their mobile devices right away.
  • Launch Icon - Have your company logo on user's phones creating an endearing relationship between you and your audience.
  • Multi Platform The app will be made available for the latest versions of RIM devices (Blackberry), Android and Apple iOS devices.
  • Advert Module - You have an option to embed your App with an advert serving module. You can serve different adverts to your audience via the app; this can be used as an income generating tool for your Outlets


Who should use this App

If you are a media outlet or you run a blog, newspaper, TV station, Radio station and any other establishment that disseminates information, this app is for you.


Push your information to the palm of your audience, anytime, anywhere.

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